Vision Dojo



What is it?

The Vision Dojo is an interactive art installation started as a project for the Israeli Burning Man event. A.K.A Midburn.

What does it do?

It allow the player to watch a colorful Realtime changing projection of his movements.

How does it do it?

In front of every camera there can be up to 6 people in parallel. The installation is made out of projectors, special depth and high frameĀ­ rate cameras. It requires a place to project on White wall / Lycra, Electricity. It operates at night time.

Who supported us?

We got granted 10,000 Nis from the Israeli Burning Man art fund

We had a successful Crowed Funding campaign where we raised 26,000 Nis.

Our goal is to inspire people mindfulness and creativity. We would love to co-operate with you.

Please contact us at for more info

Our next destination are

Open source

Yes! we belive in open source and you can see the source code and contribute on our Github

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